Thursday, October 04, 2007

NOW HEAR THIS, Q3, highest the DOW can possibly go is 14,280

XLV, XLI, XLE, were going to be the really great stocks to buy during earnings season.
Well too bad. XLE, has been dropped off the list...
Thompson financial now estimates XLE companies will come in at neg 4% growth...
That’s disasterous for XLE...look for Retest of JULY / AUG lows on energy company, that misses earnings estimate...
XLF, IS SHORT short, short... XLF companies are going to miss on average by 3 or 4% ..TOO!!!
So that 5.5% Q3 growth estimate in the S&P, back in AUG, well that’s reduced down to 2% Q3....
NOW HEAR THIS, The highest the DOW can possibly go is 14,280...Q3..
Take last high = 14,000 roughly and add 2%, ( S&P 2% growth Q3).
And I get 14,280....I have 80% reliability in this number...Try to bet against it, YOU LOSE...

Here's the reverse of that argument...
If the DOW goes above 14,280...It means, the market is injecting Q4 eps estimates, into stock prices...but that's ok...cause the fall will be that much greater....

XLF SHORT??? FUTURE OF the market depends on this one critical ETF, making it above IT"S 200 day...


NYX, looks like a failed double top, and position of the 200 day is such a great short signal at 84.1. It indicates to me, NYX fails to get to it’s 200 day = 84 ish...It’s a short NOW. Or short at 82 thru 84,
NYX has to retest 77, and soon...
NDAQ, ran out of steam in the 40’s, looks like...
MA, either fails now, 160 / 165 short sell target met
Fri employment report, i wonder which way the market goes? If we go up then all my short signals will have to be moved higher...

IBB at $85 = bio xlv stocks, dna,biib,genz, amgn, etc..= my first short sell target IS $85 = A..$10 PRICE channel match, which are 80% reliable signalS,

IBB, also has an $11 channel, so $86, is the tops... $86 is second target...very little risk at $86, if it even gets that high..
BUY the short back at $83 or lower...IBB chart posted last week....and now it has come into's that for giving news ahead of the actual event?


  1. Zee did u look at TSSP? It doubled today (I didnt buy it), right after beanie recommends, I wondered if thats just because of people who reads beanie's blog suddenly buying shares, pushing the price up? Kinda like a self-fulfilling prophecy..., anyway didn't look too much into the company, too penny of a penny stock for my taste..., but I guess throwing 100 bucks into it would not have hurt.

  2. Check out the website

    I did buy 200,000 shares for a total cost of $212.95. I can risk losing it all, but wouldn't it be nice if it goes to $1?

    You have to be careful of the pump and dump scheme all over.

  3. beannies been hot this month, i've been buying all his stuff..
    tv107 is hot too, cept he gambles on the high flyers....and i can't really dis-agree with him, because he's battin' 80%...

  4. zee,

    you have been real good in the past with your short sell signals..but looks like it is not gonna work..mkt made fresh new highs...noone knows where it will top..

    any thoughts? IBB is at 86 as i am typing this..


  5. Geez. Just ride the wave man. At least you're not a perma-bear.

    I agree with the 1k-1.5k rally into Dec.


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