Thursday, November 01, 2007

BUY on the dips

BEN revenues increased 26%
Earnings missed by 9 cents, so stock price is downtrending
But good support at RSI 30.99
I always buy this stock at RSI 30/32 and always make money
I’m just sort of gifted like that or it’s because i’ve learned the good RSI companies from the bad ones
More likely

LH good earnings growth of 11 to 14% per year
Oct 25 earnings report missed by 17 cents, which is huge...but given the last five days
I’d say LH has found support in the 68 area...

DGX beat street by a penny revenues up 12% all that looks good for another run towrad the last highs
They did have to take out some money to settle a government dispute
So now investors get to buy on the dip

BWLD MISSED q3 by 2 cents but revenues rose 26%
That’s not bad...not as good as CMG up 72%
26% revenue grwoth inspires me enough that BWLD won’t be under it’s 200 day for very much longer

ALL eps down 9.4%...6.95/6.69..07/08..I still consider ALL a dow 30 type stock and the DOW 30 is the place to be...

DNA AND UNH...BUY BUY BUY GO HERE to tb to see the chart

Here’s my reasoning ...TB ‘s charts are exceptional, and i couldn’t post them any better myself
So go there and get the same quality as here

go to Trading bean...he has a perfect BUY DNA AND UNH MORE XLV STOCKS......


Anonymous said...

that tb shure knows his stuff, man, spot on with XOM! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning z

covered crox at 44 and change,
sold at 47 and change,, think i could have went again but my knees started getting weak...i went with you "could be" thoughts...

good call


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