Monday, January 07, 2008

AA earnings are a blow out--that's my theory

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Market must be settling down, because all my technicals starting to work again---all my calls were up. My short sells worked too---just barely---


TIE getting killed today and RTI growth value high is 75---wish i calculated that 5 days ago---for a great short sell---RTI $18 channel (old) new might be $14 – so $60/62—looks like the right entry price---
SLX probably holds at the 100 day = 78---
XME 200 day = 62.9—looks like that holds too---so steel is very close to the bottom---
AKS bounced right off it’s 200 day = 38.5
ATI at RSI 32—I think that holds at RSI 30—so tomorrow is probably when to buy all of these---
AND PCU, RIO --too
AA is so far under it's 200 day---and i have a pretty good rule---all good companies eventually get back to their 200 day---in this case AA 200 day = 37

AA, and do you know why I know AA is going up on earnings?
because look at the steel stocks---
Those are going to get a heavy duty catalysts and real soon---
so that can only mean that AA is going to blow the socks off it's earnings---

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