Tuesday, January 08, 2008

$RUT---HUGE support at 685

It's impossible for the $RUT to go below 685----

You can't fool me---I see the DRYS 200 day buy signal---here's the thing--I doubt DRYS even tests it's 200 day--so I p[robably have to buy pre market---

DIA finishes at RSI 30.03 today----
The DOW must start out up and finish up, tomorrow,
otherwise, I get RSI 29 or 28 at close on a down day-----
and RSI 25 = about another 300 points down---which = 12,370 or full 10% correction from last high of 13,700 ish—

VZ till the dow proves it can stay above RSI 30, I better just stay with VZ
and other conservative picks...VZ got hurt today by T warning...

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