Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Retail is Hot again---

If you don't know which retail to buy--then just buy this one---It's bottomed---

Retail stocks are SO LOW, they are HOT...!!!
NYSE is buying someone—
GS could reach $250 by year end
AAPL –is hot—Ipod sales are far from dead---
GOOG—interest rate cut –sends this to $800—
FED”S are going to announce something within two days---speculation---

And finally,
I’d like to see Bush announce an emergency middle class Tax Break---
( that’s a dream, but the leading economists---
say it has to happen, sooner than later, is better)

If you don’t own JEC-
they are building middle east infrastructure ( engineering)-
( and with $100 oil around for awhile)---
I can’t put a future target price on this company-
because the target price is the most high---—

and finally, If you are thinking about buying some bank stocks for the long term---here's one way to time that---wait till one announces bankruptcy---then buy the banks---

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