Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jaso option solar,CSX,CAL,WMT Puts

There were 8 short sell signals and two buy signals on the Major indexes today---
The Q' and NDX were the two that didn't have a short signal---
That sort of messes me up on CAL---Is it a short now? = 100 day
Or at the 200 DAY--
Just have to enter at both signals---

CSX might get to 51 double top--or it was a short today---
but how great is yesterday's chart---?

JANUARY 31 2008
Normally this is a short sell at the upper band of the BB13---
But i gotta believe that the really smart guys are working toward a soft landing---(extraordinary measures and stimulus packages)---
which to me means IWM should stretch that upper band up to 74 on the IWM---
If I'm wrong I'll know soon---cause two econ reports the employment and ISM can confirm that BB13 short sell signal --and will mean I should have shorted and not bought--

Some transpo getting kind of high---I'm looking at 8 month charts and finding lots of double tops
CAL and WMT are two more like this one---
I'll set my search to 8 month charts and look for more of these---
and post them in comments section as i find them--

Jaso buy now MAR 60 CALL or FEB mar 45 calls

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