Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stock Market trades, plus futures,options TRADING QQQQ

In all 5 examples the TWM crossed above it's BB13 upper band -
and tested it's BB13 middle band---currently = 81
There's two camps out there--
First camp says---bulls might take over one or two days as illustrated by 72.31 price--
and then proceed another leg up to 77.53---
In current terms --
take the 90.19 and add another leg up to 95--

The second camp says---bulls take over now---
at least for the next three weeks---

In either case---TWM at 90 is above it's upper BB13 limit
which is a short sell signal---

The QQQQ top ten holdings should keep the QQQQ in a tight trading range---
The QQQQ hasn't tested RSI 29- Yet--but if it does--
get out of all longs--
immediately---and buy TWM---

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