Monday, January 21, 2008

Market is so low--I have to go to FIBS--wow--

Market is getting serious---HSI down 1900 as I write---Many Many bloggers have figured out the Thomsom Financials ahead of the general media--and Know this is a BEAR Market---Electronic trading platforms - transfer $$$ at the speed of light---None of this existed in 1929----and the only tool the markets have is HALT The market---

I'm looking for the entire 35% correction to happen BY THIS FRIDAY---
so stay out---and keep your cash---

Well thank goodness –the qqqq opens on it’s 61.8% fib line---
There might be support there on TUESday
BUT there’s a lot more down to go---long term--
QQQQ at 35----there’s the true bottom----
probably see that in August---
Or this week---depends on $42 FIB support---
holds or not---

Chinese ( the average investor is having to look at fib lines today)--He's looking at another 700 to 1500 more points down----from today's close---
We are in a bear market---No way does the DOW get to 13,800---after this---
20% correction might not be the support---
35% correctioon on the NDQ --I suppose is possible---

It seems highly unlikely PCP will test 61.8% FIB LINE---
but at the same time I can’t ignore the support signal either---
I’ve been through this before---only in 2006—
the market went down for two months—and toward the end of that---
all the daily charts went useless—
so I had to switch to FIBS---

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