Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm buying on the Dips--starting with AAPL

thursday MORNING AM JAN 24 2008
I blame you for missing my own entry price
on GOOG that I posted in comments section--

On another note---The FEB 640 call is an interesting peice of work--
The option price setters have a real connundrum on their hands--
At anytime GOOG can go up 10% in one day--or about $50---
so the price setters can never sell the FEB 640 call for nothing---
A $10 move --- and the price setters start getting nervous and so they start
raising the price of the FEB 640 call price up $150 to $500---
That's money in my pocket---
A $25 move and the price setters start panicking---they'll start charging double--
that's even more for me---
A $50 move and they start charging triple---


I'm buying the XHB 22 and 23 FEB puts
Buying the RYL feb 30 puts
so on and so forth---


The bottom line is AAPL Had blow earnings—
beat street by 14 cent---
If you didn’t buy AAPL for 138 in AH—
then you blew it---

MNX--this chart shows a significant Buy signal---
Its the Mini QQQQ's

Today's 0.75 rate cut--might not be enough---
but as far as market participants--
they also can't say--we need more---
for the time being---
So, this is a real tug of war now---
I'll just buy retail stocks--
because at least I know retail sector
is going to get plenty of Gov't money---

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