Friday, February 15, 2008

AU gold mining --UNG Puts HAL, GSK,MGM,NVDA

I think I'll start posting each Mistaken reading --
AMZN did not go down on FEB 8--It went up to the next resistance--
AMZN mowed thru BB13,2 middle band --But got stopped at the BB13,2 upper band and 200 day
FEB 8 chart clearly shows a buy signal on the SLOW stochastic--which i circled in blue

WMT and JCP report earnings this week---(HUGE market moving events)
Here's my scenario---

Back when NVDA was making $2 a share the market gave NVDA a $36 / $39 price---
Well now NVDA is making 1.53---so the market is giving NVDA $27 a share---I think that’s the high---
So when NVDA was $39---and the analysts lowered NVDA EPS ---NVDA corrected 25% down to $29---
Well If I use $27 as the current high---and correct down 25% I get $20.25—so my conclusion is $22 might not be the support---therefore 20.25 is the safer pick---for the bottom---

This puzzling piece only has 500 veiws, and somehow I think It should have 4 or 500 K veiws--

HAL is a bit tricky --but this is probably another 200 day failure--08/09 eps trend is good-( 2.88/3.44) -and the Mar 35 put is 0.90--(0.90 seems like that's a tell) mar 37.5put
set up stops 3%--

GSK---something happened to GSK--like (-10%) growth eps trend---
If my company were shrinking 10% this year and next year--I'd be selling the stock
BB13,2 middle band seems like a good place to start--44.3
you also have the gap test protection at 46---it'll be hard for GSK to close that--
GSK mar puts 45/42.5 ok

MGM---if you are a seasoned trader---then you don't need an explanation----MGM
buy the Mar 65 and 70 calls---

buy UNG puts

AU I suppose the retest of the double bottom might fail and AU could head down to $30. That still doesn't take away the gap test short term target price (10 to 15 days out)--of $38
buy the mar 30 call

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