Monday, February 18, 2008

GSK,AMZN momentum buy signal WTW

Ebay is on it’s way to $3 a share---they just don’t know it yet---
Look at overstock---well ebay wants to become the next overstock---
REMEMBER to support the sellers BOYCOTT---FEB 18TH THRU FEB 25TH---

Here’s some stories about WTW earnings FEB 14---although i don’t care what they report—since they haven’t changed the eps numbers for WTW over the last 9 months---

I thought this BB13,2 band was a great short sell signal and it turns out, If the RSI and slow sto and W% are in the right position--this signal looks like it's a momentum buy signal---
I'll have to find more of these---to see what the percentages are---

THIS LINK MAKES THE GSK CHART POP OUT---then you can resize the window and look at all of this and read the blog at the same time---

AMZN--I misread the AMZN short---on FEB 8th--


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