Tuesday, February 19, 2008


TRADERBEAN HAS THE exact same thing GS---HE just did it way different

here's the link

Joni Mitchell, MY Secret Place,
ancient oldie, ancient goldie---

you know how the pundits are always saying ---Oh it's going to be a volatile market---you better put your money in safe haven stocks---But then they don't give you any names---haha
well here's what those pundits mean---GAS is a utility company and just stays in the same price channel year after year---
GAS is the only utility company I have ever followed---because it's so steady and predictable---

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FRO oil tanker fleet----OK so the4se shipping companies are getting way too high--DRYS,OSG,TBSI,ODFL,NAT,GMR,are just a few I can think of---but as far as i'm concerned SHORT sell them all---

Steel stocks were up because ASIA bid on iron ore at a 65% premium----
So if you were hoping for your iron ore shipment--
--you'll have to get in the back of the line, now
---behind the asians---

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