Friday, February 22, 2008

JASO AUY and next week wild market ahead GLD ANDE

ANDE missed short sell op ---easy one too!!!


below this chart is AUY - history repeating itself--this chart---Is another possible history repeats---
GLD could signal the next market top---two three weeks from now---I'll just see what the headlines are three weeks from now---to see if this chart is a prophecy chart---

AUY = FRO bothe eps trending down and I made Huge money on FRO short sell---triple top---
History repeats itself---and now you can be part of history too!!!

Someone at Tim Knight's was commenting on the wedge pattern XLF stocks---
here are the only two future outcomes of wedges / corksrews that I know of---
and BOTH are EXTREMELY volatile---

JASO ( solar energy stock , one of the better quality stocks) bounced right off it's 200 day and could just get some momentum higher---and go to $20 soon
Or JASO could go with the market direction, and if that's further down then look for 14.4 as the next support, and then go to $20 longer out--

I've added EWH hong kong index---as Hong Kong goes so goes JASO
someone should super impose the charts somehow and post it and then tell me to go look at the chart

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