Monday, February 25, 2008


anything involved with the QQQQ, i've lowered my expectations---
GOOG is in the top ten QQQQ holdings

This is one I can short next time AGN gets back to 69 - 70---
In the mean time it's a buy until it's a short--(69 / 70)
I still wouldn't stick their product in my face---

I see IWM any where close to 730-732 that is a major short---

Well the dust settled at EBAY strike (seller's went on strike),
and It looks like the only winner will be

go to this site to see what your next online auction site will be-----
it's just a matter of time before this site goes public---
Ebay is still OK, it's just that BBY X-CEO took over EBAY
and now Ebay's new business model is to sell all of BBY's returns---
over 50,000 power sellers ( rather than go out of business) are leaving ebay on an semi-permanent basis and have decided to sell at this site

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