Wednesday, February 27, 2008


TSL -- two weeks ago I said anytime TSL under 33 buy it---you would have done fantastic on the profits---now TSL anytime it's under $31 BUY IT---
look where the 50 day is $40--TSL goes above that eventually

BUY LDK at 26 - 27 sell 50 day = 40
you don't need to me draw all kinds of fancy lines and whistles---this is pretty straight forward---

TEVA 2.69/3.09 08/09 this is a good short if the market doesn’t add in any 2009 eps eps trend is only improved 2% over the last 9 months—
TEVA ( MRK , PFE competitor)

Fannie Mae Posts Nearly $3.6B Loss in 4Q
Wednesday February 27, 6:53 pm ET
And FRE has a conference call tommorow
Freddie is expected Thursday to report a $1.5 billion fourth-quarter loss
Fannie Mae said it expects to lose money this year on 11 to 15 of every 1,000 mortgages held on its $2.4 trillion book, up from its earlier expectation of eight to 10 and a steep increase from four to six in 2007.
I see RSI 30.9 and i’m buying---

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