Tuesday, February 05, 2008

RSI 23 ---you think it doesn't mean anything?

Here's why I've been 100% in puts the last two days---
I remembered that SPY hit RSI 23 awhile back.
From countless observations, RSI that low
and a stock just doesn't get back to RSI 70 on the first try----

ebay is hacked---entertaining and distressing at the same time---

Ebay--for those of you who don't know the Crisis situation brewing at EBAY at the moment---Here's a small idea---of it;;;
THE power sellers are leaving EBAY by the tens of thousands
because of changes to the negative feedback system---
EBAY will never re-coup from this migration of sellers
to other Auction sites----
Look for EBAY to be a $3 stock--in the coming years---

Most of the great sellers ar migrating to ----


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