Monday, February 04, 2008

GFI is a buy now and then buy some more..!!!

AA looks like a short sell---and GFI looks like a buy---
One of these charts is wrong----

GFI is going to tell me when to buy
I think GLD --that's gold index is getting hurt by retail and banks--
but the normal pullback on GLD is right at the $86 level---
then gold can start rallying again---
That's when all the gold mining stocks go on sale---
on the same day---
So I'm in no hurry to get into GFI --
I don't expect GFI to go 11% in one day--
In fact GFI probably meanders in the SUB $14
price range for awhile till
NEM,ABX,AEM,and all the others get themselves
sorted out with clear buy signals on them---

Is this you ?
Is this how your stock picking performance---
----- is, so far this year---
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