Monday, March 31, 2008

DBA 20/50 buy VIX xy chart

I'm introducing a new type of trading chart--
I call it the xy chart over z number of events---
fully back tested, and accurate. this chart was designed for dummies---
and newbies---
anytime the price is below the xy bottom line buy it---
anytime the stock is above the upper xy line short sell it

Vix sure is confounding me. I think it goes down before heading higher---
But if 26 really is the new low---then there are some rough times ahead ( VIX retest of 37, only this time Vix would start at 26--not 22)--

20/50 buy signal results from friday---

I didn't have enough cash to buy DBA the last time I posted DBA buy at 35.9
and look how it went---very good--
I may not have the cash this time either--
So I will just depend on one of you to buy it---
and report if it works out---thanks

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