Friday, March 28, 2008


More 60's Music---

20/50 trap buy signal
If you only invested in stocks with this buy signal--you'd be a millionaire eventually--they work more often than not
one other note---50 day must be above the 20 day

LSTR Is a short now--short the containers on the trucks too (CSX)

WFR solar industry--supplier to all the solar companies
This company is probably ---good buy for Shell OIL company someday--
especially when Harvard and MIT work out how to install 40% solar in Cambridge,
and then that model gets copied---global
only one problem to this whole scenario--Shell OIL is looking at other / better technologies, still in experimental stage---2011 could be the launch date---for these other technologies--i think thin film is their second choice, they wouldn't discus their first choice

NEM the biggest gold mining company of them in all---
Why mess with those tiny operations
when this one is at the bottom price again---
look for 51 thru 57 soon

SP500 Thomson Q4 2007--what is the final value--Is it -10% loss or -20% loss or something in between---surely some blogger has found this info somewhere?
i sure haven't cause they ( the market) know if i ever do--I'll be able to tell you exactly what the high and low SPY is for the next 6 months---
so in the mean time I have to use FIB---which is just as accurate---only what time frame should I use---?

JCP RETEST 33.27 then buy like there's no tommorow

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