Thursday, March 20, 2008

DGX Medical supply co. HUI, CEO, XOM

CHK has usually been a good indicator, when the other Nat gas stocks have bottomed.
CHK at 40.6 - 40.8 is a good entry price

FNM---$107 billion--gov't backing-
I guess that's enough to push the price to $50 range---we'll see---

IYR --after 8 attempts to reach the 200 day--on this chart--IYR is 3 or 4% away from reaching 200 day---
That means the market better go up some more---because I think IYR will reach 200 day, because of FED's latest bail-out over at FNM and FRE

TMR Louisiana Oil - gulf---
small $150 million operation--these guys stopped bleeeding money---
they made a profit finally----
$1.45 now---2009 back to $3---


Pheobe Snow---1970's

Just like SMH = INTC

I think strength is coming from overseas market---$BVSP, FXI--are all too low
The dollar found support this week--( which is good for the DOW) so there's a chance for the DOW to get to 12,700 or 100 day--

CEO is below the 200 day--good entry point

I'll have to find out if Gold prices can get back to $1000+
( I'll be visiting Kitco to find out)

over the next few weeks
In the meantime---HUI, $HUI gold index---has the worst 4 day bear signal---
It is a strong buy signal for a deadcat bounce---but the next three weeks---commodities are going to be struggling

DGP--gold double long at RSI 23---that's a buy signal 22.4

DGX 2.87/3.36, 07/08 eps estimate. Shows growth.

AMGN in the 40's = buy

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