Monday, March 24, 2008

30/50 and short GPI,RTH,BBBY,EXP,WIRE,SSD

Just in case you forgot why you are in this business in the first place---
Here's a refresher course

Here's a 30/50 on QLD and if this works ( 30/50 work 80% of the time) then qqqq longs are going to get dusted and pulverized---if not now then in one more day---

30/50 that worked-- a 50 day at a 30 degree angle

MARCH 25 - 2008

Today I found more short signals than buy signals.
That always sends up a red flag
BRL short
GPI failed 2 top
ACI ( coal) verticle BB13 middle band drop
JCI auto parts failure 2 top
UAUA verticle down BB13 middle band
RTH failed 200 day
BBBY failed 200 day
EXP failed 200 day
SSD failed 200 day
WIRE failed 2 top
and then to cap it all off
OIL inventory report ( WED) is negative for crude oil, which is bad for USO, XLE, SPY
FXI 3 day fabulous run---looks like a minor pullback due

DHI - Housing

contrare said SPX gets to 1360--he missed by 36 cents---not bad on a $1300 stock
see yesterday's comment section

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