Friday, March 07, 2008

EWH = solar sort of, DIA daytrade, CMED,DE

MOO ( index fund) is a slave of DE ( tractors, farming equip)
DE, might find support at 78 or 80--I'll just have to watch the RSI indicator, and hope RSI stays above 30.5 (GM,PCAR,OSK,JOYG,BUCY,BA,CMI are sort of in the same sector, Heavy industrial machines)

Your Mission should you decide to accept---
Is to call a market bottom---

This is SO the 1960's---Groovy Music

Buy 50 shares now and buy 500 shares at $34
CMED --Hot EPS trend chinese medical device company, makes devices for cancer in CHina--

Here's another daytrade chart i used this morning. I belled and whistled some key moments. What I like about this chart set-up, is ( it's about 95% accurate, and the chart shows all possibilities at one time. At least I like to think it does..
on the chart it says failed at 40 day, well actually DIA failed at BB13,2 upper band toward the end of the day---

I thought EWH had a pretty good buy signal, Or at least was quite close to finding support, so I invested in solar stocks today...

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