Thursday, March 06, 2008

Huge turning point drys,bac,jpm,xbd,xlf,gs

I'm finding that if I start FIB lines somewhere back in 2005 ( time frame) , the market responds real good to the FIB line---

Fib lines are an artform--I can pick any time frame i want---To get the right info, just pick the right time frame--
50% fib is where DRYS is now , in the longer time frame, and in the shorter time frame, 50% or 87 is where DRYS failed, ( good short sell signal)

RSI 29 leads to RSI 25 or RSI 22---
RSI 30.x leads to RSI 34 or 40 or 70
so tomorrow might be bad---or mixed---or up
sorry, but I can't help you today...Friday employment report will tip the scales one way or the other...So, It's either every sector up, or every sector down...I don't think there is an in between---

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