Saturday, March 01, 2008


Finally beannieville is suggesting something other that SOLAR---hooray--now I can start making money off his picks again LIKE GLW a while back---
DLB eps trend is in a major slow down , but coming from a super sizzling 40% growth rate---well cut that in half, and you just about have how much the slow down is---NOT much--as far as EPS trend is concerned 15 to 20% growth is going to attract a lot of institutional in the current market environment---DLB ( movie theatre sound, George Lucas, etc) just about equals DFX ( defense index, anyway) ---
that's a good sector to be in---

GFIG is a hot commodity trading company--I used to buy and sell this company back when they were a $40 stock, and now that they are at $70 again--it's easier for me to do TA on it---$72 / $73 looks like the right entry price and the 200 day should be an easy short term target--I better see when they report earnings next--because I'll probably want to buy PUTS on GFIG just before they report---I mean look what happened to NYX, CME, ICE---those sure didn't make it thru earnings--too much fear in the market to reward really good companies--
Those dotted lines on the chart are a new technical line called the parabolic sar---It's the first time I've seen it---brought to my attention by beannieville and his Video---It's a pretty intuitive set of dots---dots on the bottom BUY ---dots on top -- Short it--but the dot timing is not guaranteed at all---beware--

XLF , right now I'm 60/40 on $26 is the support for XLF and the maarket will not retest $24---
This chart shows you the 40 part of the 60/40---

A retest of $24 ( if there is one) will start to show up 1st week of March, as there are a lot of economic reports---If XLF holds $26---then buy on the dips---If XLF goes below $26---GET OUT of the market___A BLOOD BATH is coming

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