Saturday, June 07, 2008

SPY looks disasterous, rough patch possible next 3 weeks

After Friday's pounding, ( clear change in market sentiment), I'm on hold to buy all these companies, because i'm pretty sure next few days, I can get them at a lower price. Therefore, the market must be going lower too!!!

HOT EPS, don't click on the HOT CHART. Click on EPS first---Try to understand the one year of EPS trend, I've laid out first. Then when you click on HOT CHART, you'll see why I have such low regard for this company, at it's current closing price---


PEP, if Pepsi can't hold here (65's), Then wait for RSI 30.2 and buy at that price--( approx 63.5)
KO has the same problem, ( needs to hold $55)--next support for KO is 53 equals $9 channel match

SPY, I think on Monday morning, if the SPY is up even a little, I'm closing out my longs and buying some puts in the QQQQ stocks---Those huge red candles, in the Semi's are really BAD !!!!

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