Tuesday, June 10, 2008

XLE--hmmm *** LRCX is a disaster***RIG target price is $190***PCP --

PCP WILL BE BACK TO 131, I think 160's--those days are gone for now---because of diminished EPS growth rate---35% approx---now 17%
If you buy $10,000 PCP and hold--you can sell for $13,000--that's a nice 30% gain--pre-taxes
OR BUY SEPT 100 CALLS ( 2 ONLY) AND Try for $3,000 each ---at $1,000 each now

RIG gets anywhere near $136 and I'm backing in the truck

Refineries, are almost in buying position

LRCX 2008 ( 4.78) eps back in NOV 2007 got LRCX into the 60's--but this 2009 **2.11 EPS is bad
I see eventual support at $32--
2008 EPS 3.44 x 12 = 41.28 = the highest LRCX can possibly get to rest of 2008

XLE I'd like to see XLE lower. Just don't know if it will happen. The odds are getting better

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