Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tim Knight just keeps posting SHORT OIH, So, I decided to run a worst case scenario__- $175 is the worst case__I 100% guarantee it !!!!

WFT NBL look hot

$200 might be the support = 61% fib__earnings report wasn't that bad for MA to retest 170's

UPDATE::CNX missed by 22 cents__-Wait to see if CNX can even hold at RSI 30_-There's a gap test at 68 and a re-test of $62__ I don't think CNX gets to $62__

JASO, has been trying to get better RSI___It takes time once RSI dips under 30__Aug may be JASO's month__200 day $20 target is easy___If you see $13.80 back the truck in

COG and XEC are no brainers__If you have to think too much about these two, then #1, you haven't been reading the blog for a long enough time period, or #2 YOU don't belong in the stock market___go find High Yeild CD's, or go to this site and let this guy pick out some industrial property for you___

T knows Real Estate and the market, good for a one tow punch

STR , utility, I don't know why the price is so low__ I better go find out, and post that in the comments section__

xec, maybe I'll just keep that open and sell at $58__-
that one order alone will get me into the top 2000

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