Friday, August 01, 2008


IWM is on it's way to $75 --imo

forget the republicans and reaganomics ( " little r's"--dinosaur economics)---what A disaster those guys are and their head hooch !!! MILTON from Chicago___get rid of CHICAGO economics forever---It's a disgusting disgrace____$6 for a box of cereal___
in OLD TEXAS, we'd hang 'em...yep !! We'd hang 'em High !!!

Jimmy Hendrix cover tune

a 100% of the bloggers out there are scared to short sell IBB___
AMGN is a short too !!!
OSIP is this pharma co. do nothing ( eps wise , extreme high P/E)--short now type !!!

"EOG T6 115C 100.49" z's short hand
T6 = 6 weeks till expire
100.49 = closing price

I'm finally possibly going to catch Nat gas + NG stocks at the bottom--


EOG Three charts in one__A certain amount of things have to line up, before a stock even makes it to the watch list

XEC SEPT 60 CALL 1.60 TO 3.00
I GIVE XEC , no chance of making 60, that soon---but by sept expire?--that's why this is option is paying out


Republicans are like used car salesmen-- they can sure sell a bill of goods
( lemon economy -)---

75k Energy sector of the portfolio, just turned into long term holdings_- I thought I might be oned day too eary__but I didn't expect these 6 and 7% drops__I wished I'd had my 3% stop losses in, instead of sell orders__

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