Monday, August 04, 2008


The Dow could actually rally the next 4 days, if it was just the economic calendar__

XOM, I "think" XOM can hold in the 76's. The market is really punishing XLE holdings, So, at this point, I'm just guessing. At least there's 4 target prices

BIIB, is clearly something to keep an eye on__ I'm sure major institutions are stocking up at these prices.

XLE, well at least it's at the lower bollinger band__but the MAR low is still another even lower support area 68.7's. I think today's event was capitulation type activity, which means a bottom has been put in__

AEM hit my $52 target today--I missed that, till just now.

WSS new orders
RIG I have one scenario where RIG has to test $126 in order to get to $200
I'm fairly certain , even though I really messed up on entry some by 7% ( forgot to use 3% stop loss, my bad) __I can get my money back eventually

XEC, I thought yesterday XEC might test 49's. That's why when XEC hit the 49's, I just decided to hold. I know I have my upper exit numbers right__So, I'll just be Patient and let XEC get there--approx $60--short term__
I don't think Congress will ever wind fall - tax XOM.
I've read article's on 50 MPG hybrid SUV's. ( do-able)
$140 crude as a percent of GDP, is still within past percentages.

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