Tuesday, July 08, 2008

RIG there's only two possible Outcomes + WFR

I still have high hopes for this 50% fib support on the INDU--
If the market goes down, tomorrow, I'll have to pick out some other way to find support for this Huge pullback---2000 points in 6 weeks.
All the decline advance charts say bottom is here---
Just have to trust what the charts are saying, I guess-
Anyway--I've laid out a ( theory) course to DOW 9800--
So, if you hear pundits talking that way--well let me know---

WHICH means ALL solar is BUY NOW !!!
for some reason Solar is lagging behind the rest of the tech - XLI sector
The market starts showing more strength, and you'll be playing catch - up to WFR

To know RIG is to know the OIH, In fact OIH might as well be RIG. RIG sets the prices for offshore anything---sort of Like GS sets the prices for stocks.

Anyway, I have two buy signals for 136 RIG
and I have 2 buy signals for 128 RIG
and since this market is tanking everything and it's brother, better stay safe, and play the 136, but expect the 128

128 SETS UP THE ALL powerful HIGH AND TIGHT FLAG --RIG to $200
Google High and TIGHT FLAG---stocks go up another 90% after that signal forms

When RIG bottoms, so does XLE !!!!
RIG stat--there's a worldwide shortage of offshore RIGS---
Like solar panels--world shortage---
Why doesn't every house in America have one on it's roof?
Solar pays for itself in 16 years, and yet ""that's"" more costly than OIL??
Can someone please explain, who came up with that kind of MATH??
WAS it M.I.T. or Harvard Business---( pyramid schemes-- dept)

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