Friday, August 22, 2008


I thought I'd show why Tim Knight has such great charts. It's when I use his original chart and start adding some of my signals from my chart set-ups, I start getting a correct entry price. Sometimes it's to the nearest dime,
( Is it computer robot trading? Just have to trade the same way the robot trades)

A break above the 40 day, and you get out. Then you,Come ask me for my next destination point, and I'll try to spot what I think the market will do next.
Maybe the Robot is group think? Or maybe the robot is a robot? I'll never know.

Zstock 2.0 BLOG is coming. It'll be great!!!!

WSS trades today--I'm good on GAS and CBE, and gambled on the other 3, I'll just set 2% or 1% stops.

CY, I'm better at buying CY, than trying to short sell CY. On AUG 15th CY chart, ( see Blog) there was a triangle with a $2.70 move higher built in, well CY 30.70 is $2.70 higher, 31.6 is 3.90 higher--but that triangle I did, shows 3.90 is getting pretty much the most I could give the triangle wedge. So, I'd short now, or go ask Jeff at OA, to interpret the CY wedge triangle



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