Thursday, August 21, 2008

XHB, Leave some comments, I can't watch everything !!! CBE, GAS

GAS is short now, and I tried to show which PUT you should buy.
I've pointed to the one that everybody picks and that is why they are in bankruptcy.
You don't want to ever pick the wrong strike.

I can care less if you have never heard of CBE. I've just barely heard of it myself. But do you see me scared out of mind shorting this at this price.
EPS matches MAY high---no changes in EPS since MAY, auto aerospace housing products, come on, weak product line on half their business___this is a failed double top__
I give it 90% chance of failing at the double top.

I'm really mad at myself for getting stopped out on XLE shorts.
I used 1% stops and they were obliterated at market open___
So, now I've decided to make you feel my Pain.

Here's why I think I get one mre chance to short XHB, next week---
FOMC and GDP (2.7% ) that's an incredibly optomistic for GDP.
I must've have read GDP wrong?

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