Thursday, August 21, 2008

XLE I went short

XLE, I try to show you what the heck_x is racing thru my mind when I short sell something.

After I see a potential short signal on the regular 5 month chart, ( in this case the Upper bollinger band)__ I go to the 3 day and see if My same signals are stretched to their farthest. I think this chart makes a good case.

I'd really like it better if the 200 day were below the chart, but this'll do, cause there was a 9 million barrel build in Crude OIL---That's going to sink CRUDE on Thursday, imo.
XOM, was at a short sell signal, too. It's upper bollinger. Also OIH was at 3 very strong short sell signals__go to my main disqus page and find OIH comment from yesterday.

EWZ, I have shorts on that too. EWZ had many of the same signals as the above two charts, only instead of the upper Bollinger Band, I used a verticle drop middle band.

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