Saturday, August 09, 2008


WMT I think Thomson analysts are lying about the 3.83 2009 EPS estimates. I really like catching the big boys lying thru their teeth. NO way is WMT making more money next year. That 2009 EPS is a LIE, just like the Bank EPS 8 month's ago--Those were a BIG LIE !!! Unemployment reports and stagnant wages ALONE makes it a big LIE

GOLD stocks are being put into a lesser P/E price channel. I've figured out that price channel on AU--Just apply changes in AU price channel to the other gold stocks and you have all their next lows and highs too !!!
AT least I know where the bottom is now on gold stocks---didn't take that long to figure out. After the last three days of getting stopped out, I decided to do the work and fit the "EPS P/E" to market's new situation.
I 've seen enough of Traderbeans weekly charts ( 30 in a row bounced off the 200 day weekly)

I doubt anyone can use these EPS numbers, but your welcome to try.
You may just get it, like I do !!!

Looking at this Economic and earnings calendar for next week, I think the market has till WED to get IWM up to 75, ( where I'm shorting the market, my 1st try with stops in place) . These retail earnings Thurs- Fri, I just don't know how forward outlook can make ( them) retail go higher..These earnings could set the stage for RTH going to 76-53 and DOW down to 9600-9200

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