Friday, August 08, 2008


USE some of MY Widgets please !!! This one is Free electricity--I don't know if these products will pay for themselves in 1.75 years, but that's the goal in renewable energy. And check out the solar power flashlight. Everyone needs at least two of those. ( No MORE DURACELL $6 bucks each)

I did horrible while the market was going up--I hope I can do better when it starts to correct__-

Any USO charts from my past blogs, throw those out. This is the only one you need

I guess that means OIH might really test $165 and DO $103 and RIG the other LOW instead of $126__- Dang !!!

WSS helps me to post what you should be short selling and what you should be buying and I'm trying to get out the next day. So, It lists my next day ( overnight) get out prices in the form of GTC cover ( shorts) or sell ( longs)

IWM I just kep watching the IWM get closer and closer to the short sell line

Commodity stocks usually move higher a week befor options expire
I just hope they go up On Monday, My charts say there is a little more downside possible, but not likely.

Circled are new positions, uncircled __I'm holding__

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