Thursday, August 07, 2008


RIG WORSE CASE IS $126 AND DO IS $103 OR another way to put this__there is a 95% probability you will make money if the market even allows you to enter at $126 and $103


95% certain UNG hit bottom today at 39.6. You won't lose money by buying UNG at this price

ALL STRONG stocks seem to find there support at the 50% fib line--
and besides that---I'm 95% sure UNG is at the bottom___

ad--vur teese munt

I think these are buys and shorts__-CI is almost there and SUN hit the mark intraday
GG dipped and so did GDX--I posted to buy those on the dip

Tommorow seems sort of iffy__-I'd feel better about going long if $COMPQ at 2316 fib 61% were met today, at least the Dow held at 11450--bb middle band

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