Wednesday, August 06, 2008

IBB AVID short sells FDO too

I'm posting at midnight so the market is probably down, when you read this___but I remember putting up a chart DOW going to 9600 is possible___( still possible Oct)
So, this chart is possible__too__( 'August rally chart ")

Can the Dow keep going higher, while the USD is oscillating? It happened in this box I outlined__on this chart__

Short IBB , AVID_- FDO is way too high above it's 200 day--

WSS since I'm new there, everyone is always giving me advice--Much better than the blogs__-Use the brown widget to get in here !!

ZLC __I'll have to look at that again, and see where I should average down on the short
Most of my commodity stocks I sold today, So if they dip Tomorrow __ I have all my buying power back and can get into them again, at the right prices__pretty much yesterday was the bottom prices for commodities stocks

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