Friday, August 29, 2008

Negative 30-50,OMG,RTI short soon, T,VZ

Even if My Q's longs from Friday are down on Tuesday, they'll be up on Wed, according to Naud.

Released in 1970

Sometimes too much info, That's why I'm glad i found at least one signal on the two month charts that work. Otherwise the 2 month chart is just useless. Except for when a stock is caught between the 20 day and the 50 day. But that's another blog.

QQQQ, I went long on FRI, cause If MON Q is down, then the market next leg down has begun. ( that'll mean all my shorts will start to work)

These 50 days are coming down at a 30 degree angle.
That's why I named them Negative 30-50 short sell signal.

Here's some actual stocks you can try to short, using this signal.
I received an email about SQM,If these two are near a short sell signal, the surely SQM is as well. But keep setting 3% stops, because commodity stocks aren't that predictable, at the moment.

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