Thursday, August 28, 2008

CY comparison, Ascending triangle

Really Tasteless Video

Ascending Triangle, If someone posts a chart like this at another blog site, leave a link over here, thanks.

CY I posted this 8-15, I'm still watching OA's picks. Trying to figure out the entries to his weekly watchlist. His triangle method of trading is impressive.
I had to redo his original you-tube video chart myself, cause he doesn't use the expand screen option on his you-tube video's so I cant screencap his original chart. Makes my life that much harder, when he does that.

Anyway I was stop lossed on GAS. I give up. ( usually when I give up, that's the right time to enter the trade)
I bought OCT deep in the money puts XHB,KBH,TOL. for an overnight short. I set up 2% stop loss.
XLE and EOG puts were very good to me from yesterday's overnight shorts.
IWM shorts blew me out, though.

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