Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GAS short it now. VIX calls option trade, MFE. IWM


Robotic trading, recognizes BB13,2 middle band, and then robots tank IWM, for an overnight. I'm don't know if there are robots, but the evidence keeps piling up.
I'm a huge Asimov fan, so It makes sense to me on a sci-fi level.

This is a new feature, I go find someone's chart, and then compare my signals, to what they are getting. If you want to help me find a chart, for the the same sort of comparison, leave the link in disqus, and I'll go screencap it.

Woodshedder says:
The volume on the initial breakout in McAfee, Inc. (MFE: 39.73 +1.53%) is impressive. The volume on today’s move is also notable.
Here’s chart source.

Here's my take on MFE. Woodshedder might have it right, then I get to short MFE at $41.6 I don't know if improved yearly eps 07 to 08 is huge, will even count in a bear market. I think MFE may get the lower P/E, so the yellow chart that says short now, could be nailing the top. We'll see.

VIX OCT 25 is moving in a $25 price channel. The trick is to catch the right prices. Each week the VIX stays under $20 the sale price will weaken by $15, time decay.
$160 VIX at 19 or so- I imagine $1.40 at VIX = 18.50, my entry. This is pure speculation. Maximum bets are $500.
"Spend the Money" and get the Real VIX option call NOV 10's. delta 85
If you don't have at least 3 years option experience, buy my delta 85 ONLY, recommendations. In the case for VIX, delta 85 costs around $1200 or $1300. which is still cheaper than $1900, if you were to buy 100 VIX shares.

I've missed the correct entry, so many times the past couple of month's on GAS,
I'm overdue to get it right this time.

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