Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NYX 3 day chart. Almost ran amuck till last 30 minutes

Hurricane, If you can get more info on it's potential strength, leave a link. This is a potential global game changer, if it hits oil infrastructure direct.

I need to put this chart on a big chalk board, and point out and circle every point that's happening over time and get it video taped and post that.
If you know how to do that, ( you - tube style) email me, use the kontactor button.

Anyway, I had really good buy signals around 38.0. The W% and CCI signals were deep brown. RSI was deep brown, MACD was bottomed Slo stow was buried, but I still entered 50c too high. So, I looked for my exit strategy, cause at this point, I just wanted out of this trade.
I spotted the Bollinger 13,2 Middle band. So I thought, ok I can sell tomorrow at that price.
Well to my surprise NYX made it to the BB13,2 band at EOD.
So, I got the heck out.

So tomorrow, in the morning, If I Can get back in at 37.5, I'll do that.
NYX may gap up, though, in which case, I'll go look for another long.
Tomorrow is WED, and I'm determined to go long overnight, into Thursday, Because Thursday pre-market is GDP 2.7%.
I think this should be good for longs, but there's no guarantee.

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