Monday, August 25, 2008

TK nothing wron with EPS, FOMC 11:15 PST watch the Tape.

I sort of stayed out of the market today, for fear of that dreaded FOMC meeting at ( The market starts moving at 11:15 PST) 150 pts either direction.
On wed, You must go long on overnights , because the GDP 2.7%, could ( more than likely) propel 7 out of 8 issues UP.

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NAT, this chart stopped me from buying TK, this morning. Better to wait one more day, especially since the DOW went down 250
VIX was at a critical point, but that will be posted in Zstock 2.0, when I'm thru building the site.

TK regreesion chart shows $31 entry ( it's wrong) , but the regular charts show 200 day at $40, longer term exit price.

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