Tuesday, September 09, 2008

VIX, QQQQ, $37? BUCY Coal equipment.

TRA +10%
UPL +12%
WFR +5%
XLE +3%
XOM +2.5%
closed out these positions
HD short +8%

That'll be a day in infamy, when Vix = QQQQ,at $34.

QQQQ longer term prospects, aren't so good.
Today pretty much, told the whole story. The market is heading much lower, not " much higher"

I saw many a signal like BUCY.
So I loaded up on them. I 'm hoping for a mixed market in the morning, QQQQ up DOW down, would be nice. That'll give these a chance to dead-cat bounce.

I hope you used 3% stop losses on my 5 longs from yesterday's blog, cause I was stopped out or closed out every long, at opening bell.
HD and MLM shorts did great, AVID short is just long term hold at this point.

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