Wednesday, September 10, 2008


GOOG, it's going to take a pre-market or AH announcement to get GOOG going again.
I don't trust the double bottom support $414 in the current market environment.
If you do try buying the double bottom, be sure to set up a 2% stop loss. If you are right, you don't have to worry about the upside, But if you are wrong, you have that 2% stop loss, and you buy yourself some time to do some thinking.

GLD, probably starts making some sort of comeback. NG is going to start going to Winter pricing pretty soon. That might be the catalyst.

DIA, PATRIOTIC RALLY--There's one the bears didn't think of.
9-11 is tomorrow.
Bloomberg 3rd party poster's will probably new's black out the "bad" till AMC, and accentuate the positive.
Who know's. They ( the Bloomberg 3rd party writer's) totally controlled that Airline debacle ( halted trading) the other day.
And Mayor Bloomberg's response, Que sera sera, or( OH WELL, S%^# happens )

IWM, with such a weak close today ,
I'm not even sure if I will get my 72.7 short sell target, on Thursday.

MTH needs to retest BB13,2 middle band $23 ish

I think the Credit crunch will last as long as Housing prices keep falling. The latest estimates are the bottom in housing will come in Sept 09, So till then, I think banks will have a rough go of it.

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