Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BOOM, DIA otm option

Tonite, my NBR program had on the analyst, that works for the anti-christ.
He said go long TECH,
Consumer Discretionary ( expl. WHR ) and Industrials ( expl. GM)—
He also said the market bottomed.
My point is, know more about the market than the TV analyst.
My first clue this guy was a bad seed, is (when any of them start saying go long Tech)---
Tomorrow, my program is putting on the supreme dis-information being of all time
(Hillary Kramer)
Back when LM was in the high 70's, she said she could see this company easily going to the 100's, because they didn't have any sub-prime exposure.
Anyway, I'll be writing down the companies that she recommends, and if any of her picks pop up, I'll be short selling them.
See how that works?
Stick with just a few market analysts, and after awhile, you'll know which side they are on. ( your side or the house side)

BOOM, go the lights.


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