Wednesday, October 01, 2008

DIA,SPY Q3 2008 estimates,MOS,DO, + EPS trend is turning RED

I thought it might be fun to surprise an old trading partner of mine by giving him a thousand disqus points and a 100 followers.
If you can spend five minutes, go add him to your Disqus following, and then use the jump to function and give him some disqus points.
I sure hope he finds the strength to post comments one more time.

DIA 9600, I'd at least keep it as a possible outcome,_imo.

SPY Q3 estimates lowered to ( -2.5%) and SPY Q4 estimates are +47% of ( -20%) = (-11%)?
anyway last Q4 ( 07) the spy lost 20% eps, and this Q4 SPY will be 47% above that.
I think 100% above that (-20%), would equal zero%.
So, as near as I can figure, that's 32% or 33.5%% off the 141 DIA high = 9588 low.
JAN of 2009 EPS for SPY is? have to add that in, in JAN, for JAN low.
Retail is going to miss at Xmas, So however much they miss (-2%) , that goes on to the JAN low 9400

I call these the children's charts, cause no-one in their right mind would ever use them for actual trading.
I like the simplicity. It's easy to see exactly where the gov't bail-out targets are. Just look at the 20 day ( blue) and 50 days (red) targets. ( pretty kewl )


DO getting awfully low

Here's my first 25 companies, ( 800 all together) I keep 08/09 EPS records on.
I used to circle ( MAR 08) almost the whole page in BLUE. ( EPS trending UP)
But today, it's quite clear, half the page is now RED, ( EPS is trending down)
When the EPS is trending down, That stock becomes an easy target for me to short sell.

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