Thursday, October 02, 2008


I thought it might be fun to surprise an old trading partner of mine by giving him a thousand disqus points and a 100 followers.
If you can spend five minutes, go add him to your Disqus following, and then use the jump to function and give him some disqus points.
I sure hope he finds the strength to post comments one more time.

NAUD, reading is strong, but I thought QQQQ being down 4%, would produce a better reading than this.

QQQQ has to retest BB 13 2 middle band---that's an 8% gain from today's levels
SMH, I'd buy that too. NAUD is probably going to read (-3000) in AH when it's released and that's a huge go long overnight signal.

SMN is 9% above the BB 13 2 upper band, that's a huge short sell signal, plus there are two gap tests to fill, so BUY STEEL stocks now..

BG below the BB 13 2 lower band buy signal.
If BG goes up, so does MOS,AGU,TRA,DE,MOO--etc.
I'd buy now, the risk is probably less than 3%, and then there will be a huge bounce.

VIX, SHORT THE VIX, WHEN IWM gets into the 64's

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