Friday, October 03, 2008


Earnings week ahead--looks great !!!! until FRI--GE

MON, I sure hope these 100% fib extensions are wrong, but if they're not, there sure is a lot more down side to go, before there's any real support.

AGU FIB Extension Down + ( 6 month's ago) FIB extension UP

Are your holdings in a Red state or Blue state?
Here's 40 more 6 month EPS patterns / trends
RED is BAD !!! I can usually short RED ones at the 200 day, 50 day or 20 day

IYT, another 8% drop is possible,
which translates to another 20% drop in some IYT holdings

They all get back to the bottom line and a little higher

I was really curious as to how much the IWM corrected during the tech bubble.
The housing bubble isn't any different, so I expect the same results.
I get a 45% correction in the IWM.

McCain is going to de-regulate health care.
There he goes again, with that 19th century economic planning.
45% of the country is backing that.
Didn't anyone learn anything this past week about de-regulation?

QQQQ fib extension. ( this is different from FIB retracement.)
Everybody is always posting FIB retracement numbers.
This is FIB extension. Total new animal.
FIB extension numbers are as follows:

Look how badly the regression chart performed on TRA.
TRA volume says TRA is going up BIG time.

XHB, can't seem to get above it's BB13 2 middle band__opportunity knocks !!!
start shorting at the BB13 2 middle band. Set 2% stop loss

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