Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Oh Wow, " some people think gold could drop another $50." Just keep in mind though, if Crude OIL goes below $100, the Saudi's will take instant "emergency" action.
So, you have to ask yourself, Is Another $8 drop in Crude oil, going to make gold drop $50. Putting GLD at $72?
Here's berkshire's chart, compared to my charts.
We both think a drop below 77, means $72 is the next support.

UNG I see an instant $36 or $37 price channel setting up.
I just hope $33.50 is the low.
Eventually in OCT UNG will be back in the $40's

FRO, Sept 2nd, they paid $3.00 dividend

TTC short that, It's at the 200 day.
It's a probable 200 day failure. ( won't get above the 200 day)

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