Wednesday, September 03, 2008


BAC inverse = SKF

BAC, showing strong short sell signals. I'd wait for 34.26. OR market might test $35

SNDA is not quite at my short sell target = 200 day, but it's close. Same as T and VZ.
Just have to be patient. my last 10 shorts are working. ( TTC,MFE,RTH,etc) XHB short I missed. But I'm getting ready to try again, XHB

GDX, these chart's aren't perfect, 25% failure rate. but when they work, they really work 100%.
GDX holdings, those companies have had their EPS's raised as much as 25% over the last 6 month's, So I suspect GDX will reach $50-$54 again, at any hint, the economy is improving.

Here's my re-print of Tim Knight's OIH will see $165 chart. Fib 61 = 165

DO I decided to wait one more day. Remember the Saudi's will do everything in their power to keep Crude above $100--And so will GS hedge funders

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